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Psycho ex-girlfriend

T.J was my best friend since ever. He's a year older than me and im 15. At first i saw him like a older brother that always watch out for me like my other older sibling do. But, when i started to get feelings for him he broke up with his exgirlfriend. A month later we started going out and we were both happy. But, not to long after that his ex started to spread rumors of me and dirty secrets that i have no idea what to do.

T.J didnt notice that i was getting hurt since he had family issues but he always smiled at me even though he was going through a rough time too. I kept quiet to not bother him anymore.

Than his ex which was a member of the cheerleader squad thought of a very sick sceme that almost put me in the hospital. o.o i know scary girl i didnt even know why she go so far even though she cheated on him too. Well i was gang up on after school so much that i couldnt stand and had to txt my older brother to pick me up and he was in a class afterschool detention. XD i had to wait 30 minutes till he arrived.

The next day at school was just as bad i kept getting glares from the squad. That day after school i finally decided to break up with him. I couldnt take it no more and he had enough problems. He was very disappointed and ask if he did anything wrong i just said dont worry and went home. I mostly ignored him, stopped going next door, calling, and even having to see him. I was hurting both of us i think :o which is very disappointing.

2 months later he found out alot of things while he wasnt aware of then. He was very upset and confronted his ex to move on and leave him alone. (which she did apparently she just wanted to hurt me for going out with him...o.o, physco) >.< after a month i started to talk to him and stuff he apologized for not realizing and i said he had enough stuff to deal with.

Maybe i should have told him.....Well anyways after a year were becoming friends again and hes very tolerant of my feelings. But he doesnt want to start a relationship he said to me. :( i still like him alot maybe love him but hes scared im going to get hurt again. I finally had the courage to tell him my feelings for him but he said he'll think about it. (2 months pretty long but i need to give him space.. right? :p ). Well i hope it works out because i really care about him and he cares about me too. ,D wish me luck!!!


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