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Waiting for Him

He was dark, handsome with a megawatt smile. I loved him with my body. I loved him with my soul. I loved him with the tears I always cried. I trusted him but always felt betrayed. He always told the truth but there were several lies of omission. He loved me but he loved someone else more. He stole my heart and never gave it back. Married with children to someone else.

Alone in the dark, I weep for him, need him and want him. I smell him in the breeze. I hear his voice in crowds. I see him everywhere. I wish he would have chosen me, fought for me against all the naysayers.

My heart will always belong to him. My tears will never dry up nor will the longing die out like a candle in the wind. He always said if we were meant to be we would be eventually. Waiting for eventually and praying it comes soon.


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