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Hate Changes to Love

This story is almost that of a fairy tale. We looked for love in all the wrong places. Little did we know, that love was only two lockers away.

My girlfriend and I met in eighth grade. We hated each other. We couldn't stand each other's company. We hated each other that much.

One day, I noticed, that she was really pretty! And there nothing to hate. I was getting attracted to her, and she was to me too. She was friends with me on social networks, and we have gotten to know each other.

So, around New Years, she claims to have liked me. She was flirting with me at the time and I was too. Around February was when I started liking her a lot.

Days went by with endless conversations through texts and IM, and we got to know each other well. Unfortunately, I already had a girlfriend, but had no feelings for her. It was all to gain respect and a datable status.

But me and her... Something was different. I actually liked her. We had so much in common, and I could really see myself with her.

So, we talked and talked, and I broke up with my other girlfriend. I went out with this girl about three weeks later, and we've been together ever since.

We plan on being together forever, living together, having kids, growing old, everything. I'll be there for her the entire time, because I know I have found my soul mate. She's absolutely perfect, and I love her to death.


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