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Just over a year ago, i met this guy on holiday. A few weeks after getting back home i realized i really liked him, and i had been so blind because he had liked me since the beginning of the holiday. So he asked me out and i said yes. The only problem was that we lived 81 miles apart. But we stayed together for an amazing two months.

We met up once during that, we had fights, we shouted, we cried at each other over the phone. Then we broke up, but we were still insanely close. When we talked/texted it was as if we were together. This lasted for 4 months until it got too much for me, so i stopped talking to him. I wouldn't of got through it without my friends and when i thought i was over him i started talking to him again, we talked like we did before but i didnt have the need for him anymore.

We both got into relationships at about the same time, and they lasted for about the same length. And then a year after i met him we went back to the same youth holiday. I thought i had got rid of all my feelings for him but as soon as i saw him, it all came back. my heart started racing. i saw how amazing he was and how stupid i was to let him go. i realized i still loved him.

so i told him about halfway through the week. and it got a bit awkward but nothing too weird. so anyway, after we went home we were talking and i told him again that i liked him, and he was surprised! he thought i had only liked him on holiday because there was no-one else and that he was there etc. so basically it turned out he really liked me as well but he didnt want to make the same mistake as last time.

so we're not together at the moment but im seeing him in 8 days and we have talked about our future together because im going to live in london in 1 & 1/2 years. its just so easy for me to talk to him and i know hes always there for me if i need him, i know if i need him to he'll get the train to come and see me even if its just so he can hold me and i cry. like i said its not always perfect but if its meant to be then you'll survive anything. and you just need to trust them :)


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