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Average Man meets Hottie

I have this hot girl in school when I was fifteen, and she was like, EVERY guy's dream girl at that time. I was just some average guy who wishes to be her man, but I knew I was just dreaming. Like everyone else.

So one day, I went to her and confessed my love, and asked her out. Of course, a lot of guys were saying, "boo, she doesn't like you," but that didn't make me give up. And, to even MY surprise, she said yes!

So, we started going out. We decided it would be fair to our parents if we were virgins until eighteen, so we waited. Four years later, I went to her house and knocked at her room window, and she let me enter. So, we started kissing, then she pushed me onto the bed, and boom. But! We made sure we had protection.

And even to this day, we are still madly in love. I thought we wouldn't last because she was a hottie and I was your average man, so I didn't believe in myself.

That's Our Love Story.


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