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3 months passed that i met my love. naturally,i was someone who never had a true love. and even i used to cheat girls as i was too you to truly love someone. But a stranger entered in my heart. i met her on Facebook. we started as normal things or normal friendship. but, i remember when i had 87 friends, i posted on my wall that the 100th friend will be awarded.

Suddenly,the 100th came to reach. she was a a girl without picture. i was very irritated about the fact she had not a photo. i forgot immediately her. But one time, when i have none friends online she came, and i saw a instant message from her,saying hello! actually,i got upset because she had not picture. but,as well as i had none to chat with, i accepted and we chatted at that was a tough conversation i ever forget. i lied her that am a student in Russia,and she told me that she lives in Sweden. i lied her and beyond lying her. But I guessed those lies helped me to show that i am honest man. as long as we met online on facebook,we increased more to talk about.Sport was the main tip we focused on.Yes it was 2010 soccer world cup in South africa.She always was an opposar to any team i was a fan of.For example i was a fan of England but she was against England.Though we talked about soccer,there was also other things we talked many things i could not even find time to tell you friends.

But suddenly,one time we talked about love,from that night,i was shocked to have been felt in love with her.i could not tell,i was afraid.she is 2 years older than me!

But From that time i started to show her that i was in love with her.The main thing that showed her i was in love,was the fact that i designed an E-Card and gave it to her just thanking her for my resurrection. this came to be a resurrection because i had told her that few weeks ago we started to talk, my ex girl friend abandoned me. she comforted me with a passionate and endless compassion of her.through that i was affected once again and Loved her sossssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooo much!

Finally i told her "i love you!" but through Message because i was afraid of telling her online.

she used to tell me that she is the most ugliest Girl in the world.But i did not care about that,Love was driving crazy guys!and After she heard that,she refused to be a girl of mine.Deeply,i was frustrated,and i cried within my heart,i did not give up!she tried to make me understand that our love is impossible.Biblical,i tried my best,i told her that nothing is impossible before God,Thus,she had to understand that coz she was a christian.Finally,i begged her and begged her!she accepted my love,but she feared that i was too young to love,thought that i can not make it happen.But before i told her that a so called "HARD WORD"(to tell someone you love her or him)i used to reveal the truth about me.and sha told me that it was okey and she forgave,when we started was too much of shame betueen us!But noe we have removed those Barriers.

That was how i have been loved thru my lies,everytime that i talk to her she tells me that,the rel things she sees in me is that i am honest to time i asked how?she told me that she found that am honest,the day i told her the truth about me.Guys do not be foolished by my future you can be like me or you can loose.the same as someone we share the same story.


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