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She's getting married Part 3

She's getting married Part 3

I wonder if everyone feels a little anxious as the 'date' comes closer. I am so nervous about a few things going on. I changed my moving date again for when I'm returning home to my fiance. He was a little upset, but he got over it after he took a nap. (smile) He knows he has to be patient with me, cuz it's not that easy for me to just get up and leave . . . as much as I would like to do that. Now my new moving date is April 7 . . . and this time I will not change it again.

I'm so nervous for so many reasons. I love him so much and I'm just glad that I'm about to be his wife. At the same time, I can't help but being nervous about the future. I wonder if this is how everyone feels when they are about to take that step towards change, you know? All nervous and anxious and excited . . . and so many mixed emotions going through your heart all at once. I'll tell you one thing, It's diffently a different kind of feeling.

We're becoming silly and stupid in love all at once! It's like we can't get enough of one another, you know? I have the sweetest story to tell about what he did a couple weeks ago. We were on the phone at, like, one in the morning my time and twelve his time. I was falling asleep, but trying to stay awake, cuz we only get to speak to each other at night time. Well, I did fall asleep while being on the phone. I woke up around five o'clock to see that he never hung up his cellphone. So silly me said hello thinking he was up, but he wasn't. So I just said goodnight and told hkm I love him and hung up my phone. Around seven o'clock that morning he called me and I was telling him how we both fell asleep over the phone. He said he didn't fall asleep, until an hour after I fell asleep. He stayed on the phone to listen to me breathe and sleep. I absolutely melted! All I could say was that I loved him, too. Now lately we've both been falling asleep on the phone with one another. That's why I call us silly in love . . . or goofy in love with one another. I miss him so much!

I have another story to tell and this happened a couple days ago. It's not crazy romantic, but it was kind of sweet to me, you know? Well me and him were on the phone and he told me he got a little tipsy . . . and he still was tipsy. I told him I'll let him sleep it off and just give him a call before I leave for class. Well, he didn't want to hang up the phone, cuz according to him, there was something that he needed me to know. So I wait patiently for him to tell me what he had to tell me thinking it was bad news. Well, he wanted me to know that he loved me. He . . . everything he said that night damn near brought me to tears. It was like he was purposing all over again to me. I already knew how much I meant to him, but . . . it feels so good to be reminded from time to time. He was telling me how much he waited for me for two years to be his and how I turned him into a good man and everything in this world would mean nothing without me. Everything you hear in love ballads . . . he said. He was a little tipsy and he didn't want to hang up the phone with me. He kept asking me how much I love him and if I felt he was the one. If I felt he was good enough to be my husband. I told him everything I felt for him . . . well, the part I could actually put into words! He truely and honestly lights up my entire world. I love him so very much.

I have a conclusion on love. It's really crazy and strange and weird how it happens and when it happens. It makes you do silly things as well as dangerous things. And being in love is just a refreshing feeling. It makes you feel as though you could take on the entire world. I love my fiance. I'm in love with him. I tell him every day that he's the one I'm in love with for now and forever. And everyday he tells me that he's the reason he's a good man and everything he does is for us. Everything dollar he makes is for us.

Now I don't want everyone thinking we're all perfect, cuz we're not . . . but we are happily in love, you know? I could be a major pain in his ass when he pisses me off. He could be a major pain in my ass at times, but we both made a promise not to go to sleep angry at one another. whatever problems we have we will discuss them, until we see eye to eye. And if by some chance we can't compromise or see eye to eye . . . then we'll come up to a second step for solving our problems.

I'm moving back to be with my baby in exactly 30 days . . . This time I'm not changing the date!


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