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We Both Cheated

i met my current bf my ninth grade year, im now a junior and he's done with school... we've been on and off ever since um he got locked up and i was being told a lot of things i didnt wanna hear so i cheated on him and at the time i was basically a game to him he didnt have as much feelings for me as i did him so i believed it wen he got out he broke up wit me but we got back together wen we got back together he cheated on me and lied and ova the years i've changed him cuz he figured out that i wasnt going any where and that i loved him hes no longer a gang member he no longer cheats he tells me he loves me constantly and he plans on proposing to me soon and im happy cuz homecoming and prom are coming up and hes taking me i can truly say i found the love of my life and im happy to say im in love with him and love him with all my heart.....


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