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Gotta Get Him Back

Meeting him wus GREAT , He started telling me he loved me before we got together , * I didn't know what to say cause it wus so soon ' ( sigh ) ?

A few weeks later we started going together because i started feeling the same way as he did , ! As the days went by we had this strong connection that i really loved ,) ' , i trusted him he trusted me it wus the best , WE WERE TOGETHER FOR 5 MONTHS ,( i never knew that we would end like this ' and til this day i will always love him , even though i havent talked to him in like a month now , but i have th real feeling deep down inside that i wanna be with him no matter what , but im scared of how he might act / or reject me ,

his sister said he wanted me back but he said he couldnt do it ' i reaallly love this boy and i know i shouldnt be waiting for him but imma jst wait cause i feel like we are meant to be together , ) i will never forget what we HAD ! he's on my mind daily it doesnt seem real but i just have to face the horrible fact that we're not together , I GOTTA GET HIM BACK


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