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i always read love stories but never thought i would happen to me

i met a guy in a party he asked for my number but i refuse to give it to him 2 weeks later i saw him in a park he asked me one more time for my number but again i refused a week later he called my cousin and told him he loves me after that i went to my cousins church and saw him he asked me out and i told him yes

we went out for a week until i found out he had another girl the day i found out i cried until 3a.m i was hurt cuz he told me he loved me and he would turn his back to the world for me

i saw him 3 weeks later he didnt talk to me which hurt me so much im just 13 and his 16 but to me the age didnt matter my cousin told me that i shouldnt go out with him cuz he was just goinq to hurt me but i didnt care what she said and even though this happened i dont regret meetinq him cuz he was the best thing that has ever happened to me

so people dont give up with your true love cuz my wish is to be with him one more time and hope he's happy with her


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