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i have known this girl since i was little but when i was about 5 we got split up i didnt see her for about 6 yrs

about 3 yrs a go my mum was talking to her mum on facebook and then i realised she only lived around the corner so one day i went around her house to see her and when on from there we used to see each other like every day

we were best mates and then one day she asked me to stay round her dads house. we had shared a bed, i started to grow feelings for her

months and months went past till one day i cldnt takr it no more.that day i foned her up and i said to her you no a couple of months ago when we was at your dads and we shared a bed she sed yes well i kinds grew feeling for you she was like is this a joke and i was like no i love you.

one day we had a girly sleep over and it was me and her and my other friend. me and her was messing a round in the conservatory when all of a sudden she kissed me and i kinda just knew from there that she was the one for me, we used to act like we went out but we didnt. then one day she asked me out and i said yes and i will never forget that day.


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