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15 in Love with 39 Yr Old

I'm fifteen and I'm in love with the greatest man I know, the only problem we have is that he's 24 year older than I am. He has 4 wonderful kids and love them all. We're waiting to have sex 'till I'm 16, then it's legal. He's divorcing his ex-wife, she left him for another guy, but she doesn't want to take the blame, so she tells everybody that they're divorcing because of me, while I came 4 months after they decided to divorce.

I don't know why I love him so much, but I do love everything about him. His beautiful sky-blue eyes, his smile, his lips, the way he puts his arms around me, the way he moves... I can go on and on like this for hours!

When I finally told my mother about us, she promised me I could still see him, but my mother also as a new boyfriend (I hate him!!) and he said that I couldn't go anymore so now I can't see him anymore till I'm 18, we can't even call each other, cause my mother checks my bills.

(I already hated her boyfriend, now I hate him even more, I don't have a problem that he sleeps with my mother, but he has to stay out of my life!)

I bought another (secret) sim-card and now we can call everyday, we also send each other mails and we meet in secret. It's so hard that I can't see him whenever I want.

Is it so wrong for two people to love each other? Isn't it the person that counts and not the age? We are happy with each other, isn't that what matters? I regret that people can't just be happy for us, they have to destroy our luck, just because there jealous ( mothers boyfriend, his ex and the boyfriend of his ex) Instead of being happy for me, they try to blackmail me with going to the police. In 8 months I'll be 16 and than I don't care anymore, than we don't do anything wrong so I can be finally a rebel and tell my mother and her boyfriend: screw you, I'm gonna see him! I can't wait till I'm 18, than I can live with him and I don't have to see my mothers face until I want it (something that's going to be rare)


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