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Making it Work

so this guy and me started talking on the internet, we started talking every day, all day! around when school started he when to pr and started going out with a girl and that killed me! we didnt talk for a while and then we started talking again. he is on the marines so when he was at boot-camp we sent letters, it was all amazing and we had so many plans for when he came back

but once he got out he got really caught up with the whole marines thing so we stopped talking again it really hurt me but then i decided to move on and then he told me there was a girl saying he had a daughter and that she was 5 months old and doing my math it was before me and him even meet, and that they had talked and they were going out again and then that they were engage, wow that was really hard to go through but i was gonna have to move on so we stopped talking because he was ignoring me.!

so finally i started talking to people and trying to move on so this guy caught my attention and we started talking but once i was liking that guys the other guys comes back trying to get me back and we had arguments about everything that had happen and he told me he was getting sent to japan for 2 years.! but before he did we started going out and now its been a year from talking and just a few day of going out but i know we gonna make it work (:


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