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Long Term Connection

We met in fourth grade, and being friends became the most natural thing in the world. Eventually we hit 7th grade and you know, hormones kicked in ,) he became a cutie and I got boobs haha. I still remember the very first time he called me, and we talked for 3 hours straight. Later that year my dad got offered a new job, and I had to move to cali :( he was there at my goodbye party and hugged me again and again, and called me right before I left my old house.

Even once I had moved, he was there for me, more than anyone else. He called me every day, he even wrote me letters <3 it was him I talked to when I got lonely and scared. Our thing has always been music :) we both play piano, and he would write me songs, send me the lyrics, then play the songs for me over the phone. He was the first one I told when my mom left, and when I was sent to live with my cousins, he encouraged me even then. And was always telling me how much he loved me. I was there for him when he felt all alone in the world, (he was really depressed for a long time, and I helped him through it) we both knew, even being a million miles away, we both knew and could just feel how much we were loved by each other. And whenever we did see each other, we'd hold each other till we absolutely HAD to let go. It was beautiful.

However :( we stopped paying our phone bill, our computer broke down, and we ran outa stamps :( we lost contact for several months. When we did start talking again, we both realized the long distance and the lack of communication was going to kill us. And he told me it wouldn't work as long as I lived in another state, I agreed.

He was 14 and I was 13. Its two year later now(I'm 15 he's 16) he has a lovely, remarkable girlfriend who he adores. And I myself have grown to love a man with the cutest black curls you've ever seen, and who amazingly enough loves me back. My first love and I are still there for each other always, I was forced to break up with someone and he was there, talking to me the whole night, telling me I deserve some one amazing, and that he knows hes loved me longer ,). We'll always have an amazing connection, and a very special love, that no one else will know, as long as we live. I don't regret a thing, our friendship will always be there. And I'm so happy we've both found people to love.
haha sorry its so long. The End <3 Happy loving!!


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