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Bad and Good

Herloo....Right my boy mate had told me he liked my best friend because i kept asking him. But. . . . I liked him from the minute he came into the school but i had a boyfriend of my own who i didnt want to be with anymore.

Me & the boy got closer so i started to like him EVEN MORE and so i got him with my best mate because everyone was saying we liked each other i just wanted to say i did and be done with it. So i got him with my best mate and i liked him even more then i was soo jealous of her.

A few weeks or months later i was writing everywhere b loves _ _ _ and then writing lines for his initials n tha n then he asked who i liked and i said id tell him on facebook so i did. . i tld him """"its you i like"""" and he answered back . .""""see wasnt tha hard 2 say was it"""" i sed ""not reli no".

a few days later he told me he liked me to. He wanted 2 be with me and my best mate bu he wouldnt cheat so he was textin me sayin i wanna just say you but i dont no what 2 say 2 er . .

then we got with eachuva. But now me an my best mate shes nt even my mate well we cant speak proply coz e hates er nw . .Then agen so do i haha.....Soo thats how my story was bad and good <3 <3 <3 xxxxxxx


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