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In Love with a Guy I've Never Met

my name is a and im in love with a guy i've never and my cousin j would always talk about school because we went to differnt schools and she would always talk about her friend JJ and how cool and nice he was so when my ousin got a myspace she added him as a friend then he sent me a friend request (i'll never forget the date 6,15,10)and i approved it

at first i had a huge crush on a boy named t and i told jj about it and gave me some advice... after that i was starting to talk to jj daily and he would always tell me about his GIRLFRIEND but i knew that she didnt even like him because i aked her is she was jj GIRLFRIEND and she said NO

so i told jj and jj was crushed i felt so bad because i thought he knew that they werent together but he didnt so now he is over with her and i got with a guy named j but i broke up with j cause he would get too jealous when i would talk or text jj

so now j is telling everyone that the only reason i broke up with him is because of jj and jj is get mad at j and wants to fight him but i told jj not to

jj is gonna but now my feeling for jj are getting stronger and i dont know if he feels the same way about me!!!!! and i think i may be in love with him........


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