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I Lied

okay you guys.. i have a good one. you want a love story? alright..

here i go,it was December 2008. i was sitting in the living room with my friend n. we were super bored so we started texting random people. (haha, have you ever done that?) yeah, well i texted this guy.. lets change his name to d. i texted d and we started talking. he said he was at a Christmas party with his family and stuff. it was funny ha ha :)

well then about a half an hour later, when me and him had stopped talking to each other. someone by the name of (changing the name again) j hit me up. he simply said "hey :)" we talked all night. then he asked me my age, i knew he was 18. and i was only 13 at the time! :/ sooo, i ended up telling him i was 17 years old, and that i was a stunning blonde. cause you know, i never thought i would continue to talk to him.

turns out.. .we ended up talking for a year and a half. just last month, i ended up telling him the truth. who i really am. you guys, i fell HEAD OVER HEELS in love with a man who didnt know what i really looked like. he loved me back.

and i ruined it. just learn from this, never lie to someone you love, even if u think they'll get mad, tell them the truth. or it will end up worse in the end. like me.

im in love with someone who loves me too. but wont be with me just cause i lied :'/


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