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He asked her to go out to the prom

I started talking to this dude last year to get to know his friend and ended up falling for him!We would go to softball games together and flirt a whole lot.I told him that I liked him&he got all excited and literally started jumping up and down saying "yes!yes!",which I thought was cute.I knew that he liked me but I never knew why he didnt ask me out, I thought it was because he was shy,so I told my friend to ask him why he didnt ask me out. Turns out he had a girl friend in middle school who then moved, so he got hurt and didnt want to feel like that again.So I thought to myself I'll just stay good friends with him. And now my school prom is coming up and I was thinking okay He'll probably ask me to go with him since I am his closest girl buddy,even his friends thought that he was gonna ask me.But then I find out by one of my friends that he asked her to go to the prom with him and she said yes even though they didnt know each other very well.And he hasnt told me this yet even though I talk to him about prom so I guess no matter how close we are he never really liked me so that sucks so thats my pathetic love story,what a bummer huh?


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