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I ran after her and tried to find her but she was gone

i meet a girl in my school, she was sweet, nice, funny and cute, we dated a time, one nigth, when we where out and took a walk, we walked a long time without saying a word, just holding each others hands, when it was time to go home, and a good nigth kiss, she broked upp with me, and she walked, i ran after her, and tried to find her but she was gone...

where are you,
only darkness i saw,
through a thin ray off ligth i saw you,
a cold wind carried your voice,
like a sweet endless song i heard you,
i felt the love,
i love you,
i love you more then anything in the world,
the eternal fire of love burned within me,

a dark nigth,
i reach out my hand,
but your where gone,
suddenly the song fades,
the ligth disappeared,
and all turned into darkness,
how did it come to this...
how could i have been so blind,
ooo where are you...
only you can stop my tears from falling,
only you can ease my pain,
only you can end my suffering,
but your gone, gone...
strong is my love,
black is the nigth,
broken is my heart...


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