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Starting my freshmen year in high school was tough but starting my freshmen year with our family falling apart was even tougher. I met this guy in my science class and it was instant connection. The first night he ever called me I was in tears because of my mom. (We were going through her alchol abuse) He told me all his stories and showed me how to get help and reasurred me everything would be ok, yet he had no idea who I even was.

We began dating a few weeks later and he stood by my side and supported me throughout my family's disaster and never judged me for it. We gave one another undying devotion and love and by our 3rd month of being together he proposed and I said yes.

We have been through everything life has thrown at us and still managed to come out on top when it was all said and done. Today was our 2 year anniversary and I will be 17 next month. Yet, I still fill like that 14 yr. old girl who fell in love for the first time all over again.

I now wear a beautiful diamond ring to show off our love for oneanother. Many things have brought us down and even caused breakups and tears but through good communication and hard work we have made it last and tend to make it last for many many more years to come.


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