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Best matchmaker on earth

This isn't really a love story, but I just wanna tell the world how I feel about my Pookie Bear . . .

He said he loved me too much to just let me go. There's so much I wanna say about him, but where do I start? I'm amazed at how much in love he is with me. He said somewhere down the line his whole life started to revolve around me. He said he would feel sad or depressed, until he hears my voice. He said his life felt meaningless without me in it. I waited a long time for someone to feel that way about me. I may have told a lot of guys I loved them, but my Pookie Bear is the first guy I have ever fell in love with. He is everything I ever needed in one man. Then he ask me if I thought he was the one. I had to correct him and tell him I didn't think he was the one, I already knew he was. He makes me so happy. Everytime I talk to him, I feel like a school girl. Every day it feels like our love is just starting and it feels so fresh . . . and I love feeling this way. Feeling so happy adn free. I waited two years too long for my soulmate to find me . . . and here he is. Better than my dreams . . . fantasies. Twice as perfect as I wanted him to be. I look over the list of things I wanted from a man and he is so much more than my stupid list. All the pain and hurt was all worth it just to have him at the end. I know that no one is perfect, but everything about my Pookie Bear is perfect for me. It makes me thank God . . . lieterally that he's in my life. It shows God was paying attention to me late at night . . . cuz he brought R into my life. In love is what I thought I felt for P, but now I realize I'm wrong. P wasn't my sweet nicknames and P never had me thank God he was in my life . . . it's all crazy like that. R and I are meant for one another. We think so much alike and want so many of the same things. I sometimes think of how my life was before him. Sad . . . depressing . . . begging God to give me one reason to live. That's real sad. God not only gave me one reason (Rodney) He gave me another reason. Myself. There is a man out there who loves me more than anything in this world. A man who ask me how he should spend his money. A man who loves me . . . appreciates me . . . and honestly cares about how I feel inside. A man that the heavens sent to me. And I couldn't ask for more, cuz he's so perfect to me. Rahter he's right or wrong . . . make mistakes . . . he's perfect for me. Sometimes I call him just to see if he's there . . . realizing he's so much like a d ream. Well, he's here, and he is a dream, but I don't have to go to sleep to feel this dream. So if ANYONE ever question me on why I choose to be his wife, all I have is one answer, Rodney saved me from sadness and brought the biggest ray of sunshine into my dark life. God knew I was suffering from depression, so he brought R to me. Now I"m just thinkng. It's true. Love does happen in mysterious ways. The moment you stop looking it finds you. In my opinion, that's the greatest love of all. IT's like a suprising little gift from God . . . to show you that he's listening and that he hears you. Well, I'm done being all sappy and thinking of my Pookie Bear. It's just that for a long long time I was hoping to find a man who knew me . . . someone who recognizes my feelings through my voice. two things for sure. One, I love my baby more than I could explain. Two, We diffently have the Lord's blessing to be together. And that's enough for me, cuz he's the best matchmaker on earth . . . Literally.

Me and Him are getting married August 28 of this year!! I'm so excited for our future to begin together!!

That's all!


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