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I just got a few comments to make on the whole love topic . . . and I guess a story to tell also. First, a lot of people think they are in love with someone and think that the person they love is their whole entire life, when in reality it's just your basic puppy love lust. The fact is that you fall in love once in your lifetime. All the other times after that is just testing your emotions on the opposite sex. Well, this love story is kinda a long one. It's probably going to be two parts. My name is N and I'm 20 years old. To a lot of people I don't know much about love, because they figure I'm so young and everything, but I now understand how it feels to be in love with someone. When you're in love with someone, you wouldn't cheat or hurt that person for anything in this entire world. When you're in love with someone, you feel all of their emotions. If they hurt, you hurt like hell . . . if they cry, your eyes suddenly fills up with tears, and when they laugh and having the best day, you feel like you're walking on clouds. But of course, there's more to love than just the mentally connecting thing. There's also the bad times. The arguments . . . the name calling . . . and saying things that you don't mean. But like I said before, you fall in love once . . . you can't continually fall in love with different people. Here's my story. In my life I have had 8 sexual partners. I'm not saying I'm proud of it, cuz I'm not . . . being so young and everything, but there is a reason I'm telling this story. And I figure as long as I'm going to keep it real, I might as well just tell the truth. Now I never really had casual sex, cuz I don't believe in that . . . but out of all my sexual partners, I was in somewhat of a relationship with all of them. I must have told all of them that I loved them. Well, I told 6 of them that I loved them, the other two I just cared. I thought I was in love with with about three of them. Like, really in love. It turned out to be very wrong. I used to believe being in love with someone means spending all your time with them and making life long plans with them. All types of things. I would help them out and tell them that I loved them and some other 'lil girlfriend things. Well, love wouldn't have made me treat some of them so badly. Honestly, love wouldn't have made me did some of the things that I done to them if I felt that I really needed them in my life. I used to lie to them, and make my friends do the same. Cheat all the time . . . not part of the time, all the damn time. I used to make them believe they were the problems, when they were alright . . . they just weren't for me. I honestly wish I could apologize to each and everyone of them for all the pain and hurt and decieving things I've done. Yea, some of them did the same things to me, but I just wanna apologize, cuz I turn a couple good men, into some bad men. And they went through hell trying to please me, when they couldn't please me if they won a million dollars and moved into a mansion. It just wasn't there. It was there for a little minute, but it didn't stay for no more than a three to six months period. I can't explain why, but I just lost interest after a certain period of time. That used to be me, until I met my soulmate.

Now me and him been knowing each other for almost three years, so he's been in my life when I started to create drama in my life. He always said he never wanted to see me hurt and that I would eventually find that one person to dedicate my life to . . . if I wasn't looking at him already. Me and him decided to be a little more than friends in June. Since then, we've been going strong and loving each other more everyday. He recently proposed to me and asked me to be his forever, because with me in his life . . . I'm all the blessings he needed. At first I said no to him, I figured I was too young to try marriage when I was now actually for the first time commiting to just one man. Then he asked me again and I realized through everything . . . He is all I ever want in my life. Young or not . . . I can't see myself hurting him. All I could see myself is being his partner in life and being the best wife that I know I could be. When I said yes to him, I knew that my search for satisfaction and happiness ended . . . I just wish that all the hurt and pain I put on another individual never happened. This man that I love now . . . Rodney . . . made me see that I never loved a man before. He made me realize that everything I thought I felt for a man was just something I wanted to feel for a long time. With him, there's not a doubt in my mind that it's the real thing. We spent two and a half years as friends. Six months as a couple, and we're going to be engaged eight months, and then spend the rest of our lives together as husband and wife . . . and I wouldn't have it any other way.


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