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Love is everywhere Part 5

Love is everywhere Part 5 .

My love story is still on the road. Anyway after few days , we keep on chatting . The college was closed for some holidays so we didnt see each other. One day we chatted he told me I was a stupid and childish girl for jumping from one guy to another and dont even dare to tell my feeling to guys i liked before. I told him I liked his close friend (also Iranian ), he was very mad.He didnt believe and keep asking me whom i really liked. He wont continue chatting with me unless I answered his question. So one day I told him (chatting) and I said I liked him starting this semester ( I knew him last previous semester).I told him from A to Z everything and the whole things.I told him it was true I liked his friend but once I knew him , my feeling started to change.

He told me he can't love me the same way that I love him for some reasons.Even his friend ( the one I used to like) cannot do the same. I dont wanna ask why because I already know the reason and dont want to hurt myself hearing him to say it.Reason is because we are two very different people in such a way the relationship between us is almost impossible to exist.He's muslim, Persian and Iranian.I'm Christian and Malaysian. But he promise me he will be my good friend.

I still have some more weeks in the college and I'm looking for job. I do decide to continue master (which I can see him again ) but I dont think I want to do that.I told him I will leave college and start to work outside in my state. He wish me luck and hope I will meet a good person in future. He request me to find job for him in case after completing his master he may be will come back and work in my state . Isnt that sweet ????


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