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All is fair in love and ware is our motto

My cousin came to stay with me for the summer. i introduced her to my friends and the boy i told her i liked. i knew she had her eye on him but i totally thought she would never betray me. well a couple days later she told me they were going out i about died. that turned to be the worst summer i had to deal with. by the next summer when she came back, just a few days every month, they had already broken up once, but i became closer friends with him. Everyone thought we were going out, i forgot about my cousin and i think he did too. He told me that we were "pretending to go out to make everyone think as they may" well i didnt care i had something i wanted ( and i was young, even if it wasnt the total real thing. It turned out to be good acting i would say. she would come back and we both would be hurt and he was confused ( we all were young in the begining of highschool) well when my cousin was at my house one day he came to see me, i had no idea i thought he wanted to see her,so i went to wake her up from her nap,( playing off what we had going on ) and he said no i want to see you. i knew than that i was the real one and i didnt care, she was the one he was pretending with. they ended up breaking up. i stayed close for a little while than i began to drift apart. i guess i didnt do my cousin right, i got what i wanted and i was ok with that. I now have told my cousin we are ok with it, she was upset at him and I, but she understood what she had done to me. All is fair in Love and war is our motto.


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