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The monkey bars of love

If you are a big country fan like me this story will remind you of the song "Check Yes or No" by George Strait.....

I was in third grade the first time i ever saw him...he was a new kid in are class and i can still remember him walking into that door...This boy was very shy and i was to back then but i got the courage to finally go talk to him, from then on that year me and him became the best of friends, and everyday at recess we would go sit up on the monkey bars at my school and we would talk about anything and everything...well years passed and me and him were even closer friends now i helped him with his girl problems and he helped me with my guy problems, but something was different about him i never felt this way about any one before...We'll one night at one of are school dinners me and him went walking outside for a while and we were talking and we came by our old play ground i looked at the monkey bars and told him how we havnt sat on those things forever so he started running to them and i fallowed and we got up on them and sat on top, and the moment was just right i think cuz we both just looked at each other and i told him how i loved him and that i have never felt this way for someone and that i care for him so much and that i would do anything for him even die for him, and he looked at me and told me the same thing but the only thing was that we were such good friends that what if we would mess that up and he would die if he ever lost me because he couldnt handle loosing the one person he loved and it being his to this day we still go to those monkey bars and just sit there and talk and think about what could be and what should be and what cant be.........


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