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vrrrr. My cellphone vibrated. Oh god! It was him,Sawyer. He had a crush on me since the day we met at school. I liked him too, but kinda like a brother. So now here i am trying to come up with a way to say how much i like him now. But the thing is....Hes my best friend!Oh!The phone is still vibrating!"Hey Sawyer whats up?" I said trying to find the right time to say how much i like him. "Guess what?!" He said with joy!"What?! Wait I have something to tell you too" I said hoping that he was going to say that he liked me."OK what is it?" He said questioning."Wait!You first" "OK, Hayley and I are together!!" He said knowing that id get jealous. "WOW!REALLY?" I said trying to hide my emotions. "Yeah! Oh what was that thing you were going to tell me?" " to...uh...see my sisters soccer game." "Oh, thats cool..I gtg eat supper.Bye" "Bye.." Your probably wondering hey what is so bad with Hayley. Well......pretty much everything! She talks gossip about inacent people then she tells the people who cant keep a secret and then it gets passed on. Like our new girl Zoe, she came from austrailia and has a awesome accent and personality. But of course Emma the leader of the gossip Queens, and Hayley the one person who decided to join in. Talked trash about her saying, that Zoes clothes are ugly, they hate he accent, and that she is ugly, and they went tottally wrong with that, Zoe is so pretty i wish that i was her. And they gossiped about the people with certain disabilities and said things that they would never do. and then there is me Kayla the girl they love to pick on. But at the same time their saying how bad of an artist i am and i look Sawyer in the eyes and say, how can you not see it?In his return they are good people. Yeah in what way, when im with you HAYLEY and EMMA do that finger thing that means come here in their trying to be cool way. And then EMMA comes and looks at me and says remember the dance i made up? then she looks at sawyer and lifts her leg up in front of her while laying down. and then she does a little booty swing in front of him and says come sawyer we want to talk to u.And ewwww.. Emma is not pretty at all.. So in my return to give haylaey payback im going to invite sawyer to go with my family camping. And guess what? no EMMA and no HAYLEY. thank god. plus this camping will get us close and maybe my flirting can get him to be with me for once. SORRY BUT THIS IS THE END FOR NOW BECAUSE I HAVE TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT IN MY LIFE.


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