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I was so happy, he almost started crying too

ok i was dating this guy for a week but then we broke up and got back together, so i was kinda uncomfertable for a while but everything worked out. so one day where talking on the phone about a whole bunch of stuff and i ask him, what do u think about me? he says, i think your beautiful, nice, great personality, and i like how we have a lot of the same intrests. so he asked me and i said, i think your funny, nice, also have a great personality, and like how we have the same intrests. and i thought to myself, i love him too, but i didn't wanna say anything yet, but knowing me i said, and theres one more thing.....i think i love you. so i was scared cause he didn't say anything so i say, i'm sorry i shouldn't have said anything, but he says, no its ok cause.....i love you too, i mean, it just hit me, i think i really do love you. and i broke into tears! i was so happy, he almost started crying to. the thing was i never thought he could love me because we broke up that one time, but then we talked to eachother for the rest of the day and are still happely together.


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