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Heart thrown against wall

I have a boyfriend called Leon. (L) ily 4 eva.Xx :) But before I found him, I had a crush on a boy when I was in year 4.
He is kinda cute and I still know him. I think he liked me, because, he gave me presents when it was my bday. (Little gifts, clay models he made-he wouldn't do that for anyone else by the way.)
I asked him out, because we were such close friends it seemed like we were going out anyway but he said no and I didnít really mind.
I still talk to him, he goes to my high school and travels on my bus. I titled my story Bus Horror because at the bus stop a few days ago, he asked me out. I nearly fainted.
No, I didn't but still. I thought he was joking around, so I didn't say anything. Maybe he was...
Then, the other day, he broke my Shag Band (On purpose he said)and kissed me! I was really caught off guard. I had to explain that I was already going out with someone. (I had asked Leon out that day.-A week today!) He was really hurt, as if someone had grabbed his heart, thrown it against a wall and watched it slide down into a dustbin underneath. I really wanted to go out with him, but he was too late. Now I have Leon and my world will never be the same again! I love him soOo much! Xx
Leon and Cassia 4 eva Xx


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