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Long distance love works out

From Chicago to Florida: He waited

I used to hear awful tales about long distance relationship and how it never works, well, I have a story to share that goes just the opposite. My guy and I have been in a long distance relationship for almost a year. I wasn't sure about us being long distance when I first found out I was moving to Florida. I thought it would be fair to just break up with him and give him options, but he wouldn't let that happen to 'us'. He insisted that he could make me feel like there wasn't a distance between us and that our love would make it through anything. We got off to a rocky start and with me getting emotional over the distance. When I got too stressed I would tell him that this relationship wouldn't work and I just wanted to be friends. He would accept that until I changed my mind again. I used to push him away and get angry when he called late, but all the time I should have realized it's me that he loved. When I was in school he'll leave little lovey dovey messages on my cellphone. He used to stay on the phone to hear me breath when he was near falling out from being sleepy and he tape record my voice onto his phone so that he could hear it whenever he had the chance. One day over the phone he said he had a question to ask me, but he was so nervous, because it was a first to him. I told him to just ask me. He asked me to be his wife. I was so surprised and started smiling. I said yes to him and he repeated it making sure he didn't hear wrong. I repeated my answer to him and laughed over the phone jumping up. He started laughing pronouncing my name with his last name. Then he told me that he had never fell in love so hard and he would have waited for me forever. Now I'm moving back to be with my fiance, so we could plan our future together. Long distance does work, if it's meant to work.


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