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This isn't your everyday romantic love story, but it beats Cinderella and Snow White any day of the week. Twice on Sunday, cuz that's the day I thank God twice for having Antonio in my life. It all started back in April of '02. My boyfriend, P, got arrested and wasn't coming home til July of '03, I decided to stay faithful and wait that year for him, cuz I had to finish my senior year of H.S. anyway and I figure it would help me to stay focused on work and school. In November of '02 P asked me to hook his buddy up on a penpal that was in the same correctional center as him. I agreed to it and immediately found a list of girls to write his friend (Antonio). While Antonio was writing other females, we continuted to write just about anything there was to write about. I had no romantic interests in Antonio, because I stayed dedicated to P. In one letter Antonio wrote me telling me that P had other girls writing him and that P lies to me in his letters. Antonio felt I should have been with him. I snapped on Antonio and told P about everything that he had wrote me. P instructed me to not write Antonio anymore. My last letter I sent to Antonio was in April of '03 telling him to never change, because he was a person with a good heart. By the time that July came around I decided to move to southern Florida to get away from the city. P said he would wait for me like I had waited for him. I moved in September of '03 and we broke up a month later on my B-Day. I decided that love wasn't for me and I threw myself into school, writing, and working. One day miracurously Antonio wrote me in Chicago at my old address that was vacaned. I recieved his letter in July of '04 after it got mixed up in the mail system. His letter wanted to know how me and P was doing and if I was doing alright in the world. I responded to his letter two weeks later and we became friends again. He wrote me constantly and I wrote him constantly and finally we both put those three llitte words on paper: I LOVE YOU. I was afraid to love him, especially not having to ever meet him and only exchanging letters, pictures, and thoughts with him, but he knew so much about me and I knew just as much about him. I felt like my heart was playing tricks, and everytime he wrote a romantic letter I'll push him away and listen to the doubts in my heart. He came home in January of '05 with promises of loving me . . . at least that's what his last letter stated. If my doubts were any larger, I wouldn't be his fiancee right now with plans of saying I do in August of this year. The point of this story is that love comes when you least expect it and you can't look for it . . . or you find something else. Trust that if it's meant to be, it will be. Cuz I let this man go and he still found his way back into my heart from miles away. I thank God for having a way for Antonio's letter reaching Florida a year after our last letter.


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