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My name is K* and I have a short story that may interest you. First off, love is never really seen all the way. A person intentions are never told. One thing for sure, loving A* will always hurt me for the rest of my life. It started back in the beginning of my sophomore year on regisitration day. He introduced himself to me looking all cute with his gangsta image. We had chemistry at first sight. We were friends for two months before taking the boyfriend and girlfriend step. I thought I knew him well, but I didn't. After we hooked up, I found out about his child, that he sold drugs, and he love beating women. The hittings didn't stop 'til I got pregnant. I wanted to get an abortion, but he promised a change, like he always did. I fell into his trap and decided to keep his child. I thought things could only get better with me having his child. When he asked me to be his wife, I said yes. I thought he loved me as much as I love him. ONe day we got into this argument because he gave me an STD. The argument turned into a fight and I lost our child . . . and finally I lost him. He said if I wouldn't walk away from the pain, he had to. He said he loved me too much to keep hurting me knowing that it would be hard for him to make such a big change in his life . . . because he had no intentions on making the change that fast. The day we broke up my eyes filled with tears and I must have cried everytime his name was mentioned. Everytime I looked at my engagement ring. Everytime I looked at our pictures together. The pain hurt like hell to lose him, but loving him was worse. I stayed locked in my room for two weeks and it felt like my entire world slipped from my grasp. I forgot how my life was before A* enter it. The last words he said to was for me to remember that he had always loved me and always will. He didn't seal the promise with a rose or a kiss, just with his eyes. Now after almost a year I recognized him at a Christmas party. My heart must have skipped beat and when he looked at me, my heart melt. I hope I'm strong enough to remember the truth behind his sly grin, contagious personality, and charming ways. I pray God won't blind my sight the second time around. There's a book out about A* and me called BITTER/SWEET written in my ghost name Nichole C. Jones, you could purchase at the bookstores or get it for free at the library.


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