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it was when i was 15,a guy came into my life,we never met each other face to face but it was like we have met each other for several times.i used to chat wid him online and we used to msg each other.our freindship got stronger day by day.after a couple of months i realised dat i liked him terribely.i cant really bare him tokin about other girls,but still i used to pretend as if it doesnt matter.a day without talkin to him would be incomplete.1 year passed still deir was no change in our freindship,but a gurl entered in his life it made us a bit apart.we started msgin each other was jus tat i didnt want to interfer in his life.later on he came back saying that the girl wasnt gud.dose days with out him was so dull.i used to cry beacause he didn understand my feelings for him.later on somehow he knwe that i luv him.but i always used to say i dont luv any guy.ones he said that he can prove me wrong that i dont love any one.
i forgot about this that he said he could prove me day he said he loves me.that was the most happiest moment in my life.i was speacless for a while.i even said i luved him 2.he was saying each and everyting which i would really belive him.he even swared on god.......but the saddest ting was the smile , blushing,happiness in my life was just for few i aslo said i luve him..he suddenly said he had proved me wrong.n he said what i had said to him that i am not in love.
this made me shattered i never exccepted this from him.i felt sort of is life so i just ingnored this and i moved on..he is still my freind but we arnt the great freinds we used to matter what i wolud always say never do this kinda disgusting ting to any one,beacause da pain we go through is unspeakable in words
now i haved moved on in life now i am dating a guy who luvs me not a guy who pretends to be.


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