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Still can't believe it

It happend 2 months ago, i was on my way home. Then my phone rang, and i just knew something was wrong. I answered, to my complete surprise it was your brother..he found my number in your phone and called me to let me were dead. The words were seperate and each felt like a bullet hitting my heart. I stopped breathing and im pretty sure my face went white. He told me that you went back to afganistan and that you were killed in action. They found my picture in a pocket over your heart, and a letter adressed to me..but i found that hard to believe..because you had just broke up with a couple of months told me you didnt want me waiting for you anymore..that i deserved to be with someone who could be here with me. I cant believe it..i needed to get this out..even though strangers will read it. at least someone will. God knows i miss you, i can feel my heart break all over again. The only thing that is comforting me right i know i'll see you again someday. I hope you know how much i love you. I know you'll be waiting for me in heaven, sweetheart..i'll wait for you.Those were the last words in your letter. i love you, i still cant believe it....


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