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Loving is really strange

loving is really strange, i have met this really intersting guy, but he is not interested in love...even i do not know if it is love that i feel for him or not. It is just that i think about him a lot, now i am a little angry too for getting such a cold (i think) response. I think you can never know what u r feeling is love or just likeing or just that time in ur life when u want to just be with some one. this gatting attached craving, which may be goes away after a while, i can see it fading already, but i am just too confused. I want to say to myself that he is driving me away, but may be he is what he is. I have just me him there is not much i know about him, but the stupid feelings are so strong for him. I have not felt like this for anyone. There are other people wanting to be with me, but since him i am just not interested in anyone. But i know this will pass, and am already sad about it. I think there is love out there, but it is very rare and when it comes we do not know it has...and when it is gone, we can do nothing but write about it. And that does not do anyone any good. It is just a sad little story that never happened.


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