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Dream lover

Um, hello. I hope you won'tget bored to this story of mine. Something unbelievable yet true. At first thought, one might say it's 'pure nonsense and surreal' but please open you're hearts... :]

I was the kind of girl who had her life fixed.. How many children to bear... My dreamhouse and car.. My work... Yet, with love, my heart is always uncertain..

I had crushes, of course. Who wouldn't. Yet, I know that it won't last for long.. I've always wanted to meet someone perfect to pair with the imperfect me.

Then one night in my 13th summer, i had a dream:::

I woke up and gazed around me... 'Wow.. Nice field' I thought. I was sleeping.. under the shade of a tree and looked up and saw a boy(my age, brown hair, on a sando)and he was smiling at me, his arms wrapped around me. My mouth was open. Then all of a sudden, two boys, each holding ropes, encircled us and before we knew it, we were slowly being separated. I was on the front of the tree and him on the other side. I saw the 'mastermind'[[he was a fatso!]]..

My eyes flared and I stood up and walked slowly to him. I got closer and closer and he got frightened and then i realized, i didn't feel any weight... I looked back and saw little kids helping me out. I got courage and finally I stepped on the finish line[[weird]] and the pine trees behind the fatso fell.. I fell, inclding the kids, and i looked on my left and he was there.. smiling.. then i dozed off...

When i woke up, i was in my sister's room and he was there, smiling at me and his arms around me again.. The other details are somewhat boring to tell... so let's go to the real thing...

After that dream, i thought of that boy almost everyday of my life.. Wondering who could he be... I drew him in my sketchpad.. My 2nd and 3rd and 4th sketchpads were almost all about him. I decided my Ideal mate with him as an inspiration.

His bangs cut to the left, rich brown hair, slender, track-and-field player[[since i hate running]] and a swimmer[[i don't know how to swim]], a good cook[[i don't know how to cook]], a violinist, pianist, and guitarist, singer[[i don't know how to sing]].. we were total opposites but we were attracted by some kind of force.. Destiny? Faith? God? I prayed to God sincerely about him..Hoping for him to be real.. since I only met him in my dream.. He was a stranger.

My first year as a highschool. Itransferred to a bigger private school in my city and strange things happened to me since then... I told him to my close friend there and almost the whole class knows about him.. labeled "My Fiance'".

Then I met this guy, a friend of my former classmate in gradeschool, he was cute. I spent almost a month, questioning my heart's true desire... My close friend whom I told my dreamboy about got angry at me because that guy and my dreamboy were a total 180 degree opposite.. and she always says 'why go to a person whose lacking when there someone whose cupfull?'.. I don't know..

It faded away[[my crush]].. After that month, i got more serious about him[[dreamboy]].. That's when the 'strange' occured..

Dreamboy and I communicated in some way.. I don't know why and how.. We just did... I knew he had an elder sister.. and that his favorite color was blue-gray... Ireally just don't know.. And in one of my requirements for my ideal man i wrote: "first meeting: must wear a green-hooded t-shirt and dirty white shorts"

The months after:::
*Blue-gray colored cars appeared all of a sudden
*Green hooded jackets and t-shirts were on trend
*Dirty white shorts were on trend too
*I see and hear a lot about his name[[last name, first name]]
*my friend saw a 'dreamboy look-a-like'
*a lot more scarier ones

I was scared.. His coming was near.. Very near... I once lost my grasp with him.. But then after it, he was showing himself... God's way of making sure i was serious, i guess... And so, 'Yes, God. I'm serious about this guy. I love him my heart hurts'...

But sometimes, I think 'Could he be just an object of my imagination?'... And with that thought, I get scared.. I don't want to marry anyone else except that boy... I knew it.. he was my soulmate..

I get auras.. from him.. In different places. I don't know how and why... I just know..



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