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I have always loved you

When me and HIM first met i literally couldn't stand the sight of HIM. HE would irrate me so much and tease me about a boy that liked me. HE claimed that I annoyed HIM just as much. I tried to keep distance between us and whenever we crossed paths we would insult eachother constantly. Afterwoulds I would complain to my friends about HIM. It wasn't until my best friend said to me ,"You talk about HIM all the time! I think you actually love HIM cos you keep saying how much you hate HIM. It's a love hate relationship!" I was alarmed by her saying this because the more I had heard her say this the more I realised i loved HIM. I worked out that I was only annoying HIM to get his attention and I couldn't go through one day without mentioning HIS name at least 100 times. I was now confussed for I didn't know how to behave around HIM. The next time I saw HIM I made sure that I didnt cause any arguements, and we started talking and found out we had loads in common. HE quickly became one of my best guy friends and I felt like I could tell HIM anything. I then decided to tell that I loved HIM so I called HIM and asked HIM to come round and he said HE was glad because there was something HE wanted to tell me. I waited anxiously for HIM to come and I panicked about what I was gonna say to HIM. HE knocked on the door and I answered and without saying one word HE moved towards me and tenderly kissed my lips. My heart was racing and i slowly moved my body closer to HIS body and HE wispherd in my ear,"I have always loved you." I couldn't believe what I was hearing love like this only happens in films! We now are inseparable and i couldn't imagine life without HIM.


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