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Move in with him

So i was just talking to online friends and ended up getting to know this guy really well. We had hour long phone calls and it was obvious there was somthing there. So i plucked up the courage to ask him out. I never really thought about meeting him, it was all a bit of fun really. But after a few months toghether, i was just desperate to meet up. So we agreed too meet when my parents were away, he would stay 2 nights. Well the day came and i went to the train station, soooo nervous! I was scared he wouldnt like me anymore, i mean, im really ugly! But staright away, we clicked. Even though within the first 20 minutes of seeing him i spilt lucozade on him! He didnt mind at all. He looked me in the eyes and told me he loved me, and that i was beatuiful & he meant it. It made me feel so special. When he went home, we both cried it was horrible! We live about an hour away from eachother, its not too bad really.See eachother every other month. Long distance relationships can go wrong, but so far, for me. Everythings perfect. And one day soon, when he gets his own place, i will see him alot more & move him with him.
So yeah. i love you soo much babe < x


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