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Just a stranger

He started out as just a stranger to me, sharing my total embarresment. I had been skateboarding down the road, my trucks came loose, and he just happened to be there to break my fall. I tried to laugh it off, make it seem like it wasn't really that big of a deal, but I'm pretty sure he could tell I was dying inside. We ended up hanging out for a few hours, losing track of time as the sun said goodbye and the moon said hello. I started freaking out once I realized how late it had gotten, so he ended up driving me home.
A couple months after, we had become really close friends, sharing basically everything. We had become the typical brother-sister friends, and saw each other regularly. When he ended up getting grounded for some unknown reason, he decided to sneak over wihtout telling me.
I freaked out majorly when he came in (I keep my window open all the time.) 'cause I had fallen asleep right after I had gotten out of the shower earlier, too lazy to even dress myself. So after the really embaressing situation was over, we sat down on the bed and began our usual "Talk about nothing forever" sessions, when we started getting onto the topic of relationships and how much they sucked. Ironicly (or was it?) he told me how much he loved me, and I was a total sucker. He kissed me, and seceretly, it was just the way I always imagined it would be if he did kiss me.
This proves how the "And one thing lead to another" saying actually says alot about something. I've loved you for two years now, and through all the bad times we had to go through together and the more to come, I will still love you, Ian.


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