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Yes we are young

wen i entered highskool ,i was so exiteed to b able to meet new hot guys instead of the same ones that id had skool with since we were little. 2months later i meet this guy. we got close so was amazing<3 nobody made me feel the way he did, safe, lik i belonged in his arms.we went on lik that fohr about 6months wen out of nowere he decides that we arent really meant to be and that he really dsnt love me anymore. he hurt me so and night i found myself crying and feeling stupid foh believeing him and crying foh him after what he did. at skool he would ignore me and flirt with other girls just to get me mad what got me the most was that other times he would b with me and he would act the same way he did wen we were together. 3months later i moved out of the state and i thought that i would never seen him again. i prayed each night that even though yea he did hurt me, that i would get a second chance with him. then on march i moved bacc. during that time he realized that he still loved me and that no matter what he would always b with me. im happy that i waited, almost 7months actually, buh it was worth it. now were happier than ever and he has givin me a pre-engagement ring. yes we are young but we knoe what we want and thats eachother<3


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