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Different dimensions of love times

Im living in a world that revolves me like I've travel in different dimensions of love times. Like 1800's, like 1900's and now 2000's and for some reason it seems like I've never saw it coming up to now that I realize that love can come to you as a fairy tale. Like fairy stories like cinderella,beauty and beast and romeo and juliet. People say that love never exist but when they least expect it they never know its coming right to their faces. Like bonnie and clyde they were unstoppable because they were so attach that no one can stop what they had ,a bond. But now that I feel like love have my heart now with a man that I adored but we argue all the time but no matter what we continue to act like nothing really happen that the day went by like any other day but we can say the meanest thing to each and do the most insane things but somehow we keep going and going like nothing never existed that time. One thing we could never do is be apart of each other. Like since we started we did everything together none stop and Ive been hurt so bad that I could jump off a cliff and not tell anyone anything and let the waves carry and tear me away. But I came about that I always let my love pass me by and it kept going and going and i never paid attention until I needed it so by like a drug until one day love was right beside me all the way all the way to the very end until now just where i am writing this and I know it would never stop even as my life pass away my heartbeats would never stop because I love you without knowing I always did.
I love you forever now and beyond any other world we go to.


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