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Love till the end

i had a hard time this past three months. the reason is that im a lesbian and my parents dont know and for the past three years ive dated my best friend sara and my mother never knew. so a month ago sara broke up with me to date a guy and i was pissed and heartbroken cause we'd been through alot toghter for her to leave me for a guy. so this week i got a new girlfriend and sara found out and she was mad for some reason so she goes up to my mom and tells her every detail about our realtionship and i mean we've done tons of things that can get both of us in alot of trouble and when i got home that day my mom just attacks me and starts hitting me and yelling at me and i just stand there and let her cause from what she was saying i knew she found out. then she pulls away and looks at me with the worst expression and tells me to get out of her house and i leave. i go straight to my exs house and ask her why and she just grabs me and kisses me and i kiss back cause you dont know how much i missed the passion that we had for each other then i sat down and she told me that she didnt want her mom to find out about us and the guy she was dating was blackmailing her but when she heard that i was with someone else she was so mad. and just went up to my mother and told her then she went to her own mom and told her everything also. and that she wanted me back so i told her im not sure i can because if u can break my heart once you can do it agian she then told me she would never do it agian and i believed her. im glad i did cause we are more in love then we ever were and my mother accepted the fact and let me back in the house and i may only be 17 but i have found my one true love and plan on loving her till the end.


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