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Hunny Bunny

I never thought love could be found online...hear me out.


This one night i enterd a chat room around 9pm, along with different people around the world.I came acorss a man who wasnt so convivial towards me.As my parents would say "dont let one ache your phase".Me being the amusing type of individual, decided to go along with this person who was crammed with rage.We must of been "arguing" for a period of time,i lost track.
To my experience i found it hilarious how one individual could be so cruel with such foul language in "just a chat room". Half way through our conversation i clicked on his name to show a picture of his idenity.I wasnt surprised to why he acted the way he did with a false image like that. As time passed by, the guy i was arguing with asked me for advice on some "girl problems" i didnt hesitate to answer,but with four letters i said "sure". We both moved into a smaller room which offered us some space to talk things out,at that stage i didnt care how old he was,i was game to help him out, He was very funny with a rare humour. It felt like i was talking to,two people at once.I gave him my opinion,on what he should try, i asked him if he had msn he said "yeah",i felt more comfortable to talk on the mesenger.To my surprise his msn photo showed a cute young bloke standing in a red shirt,my eyes were stunned.I got to know him a lil better.
That night we both logged out of our accounts.I went to bed with funny thoughts on how he was going to approach the lass.The next day i logged into my msn,near the same time hoping to hear a good outcome from him, he was finally online i approached him with a smiley face waiting for a reply.....he answered with a sad face,which to me wasnt good news.I wasnt sure what to say but to keep our conversation as positive as i can to regain a smile on his.
As nights went by with the same conversations he told me he lost concentration on the girl he had a "thing for".He said he was ready to move on.I was sad for the loss but happy for his past,It opened flaps for me to get to know his character, he was truly one of a kind.
Days gradually went by as i slowly fell in love with his halarity.It was too good to be true i was in love with a guy i havnt met in reality.I didnt want to show any emotion of affection towards him,just in case he didn't feel the same way.So i tried to keep things on the low. Till one day he exposed his feelings towards me,to my eyes i was swiftly packed with a sense of joy.He told me he "loved me" those words slowly sunk in me. The feeling i had that day was incredible i went to sleep with a permanent smile. Every second spent with him is tresurable.My love for him grows bigger and bigger,I get butterflies everytime he calls me his "hunny bunny" makes me feel special.Although we havnt met yet,my love for him is still deep.Hes diverse in many ways, in other words hes perfect to me.

I love you sweet cheeks.


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