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Your soul has to be ready

I met my Love my freshmen year in high school, we had the same homeroom.His last name starts with a H and mine with a L so he sat right in front of me.From the moment i saw him my heart melted.I had what i call an insta-crush..I thought he was the hottest guy ever.We didn't even really talk until christmas break but after that everything fell into place.As a freshmen i didn't go to lunch instead i went to our school library and read(ttly a dork,i know) Well one day he came in and the next day he came, soon that was it .During our lunch at the Library we became very intersted in one another.we talked about the future,our inerest and goals. well i happen to remember one clear convo...we spent the entire lunch trying to figure out how to write the letter Q in cursive!! It was great and funny well in case you dont know it looks like the number 2.After a couple of days he asked for my Myspace ID so i gave it to him( i was so excited)well we started talking and i was so suprised he took the time to write to me i mean that so seriously i felt special.You see Manuel, had this bad boy rep. he was the one to date and break up with you in a week or 2.He is a skater and at the time a pothead.Yep thats was him on the dot!! well we started flirting a lot around his birthday in APril..around this time in fact. well his birhtday is April 17 so he decided to tell me to kiss him for his"present" wow butterflies or what??? i had never kissed or held handsor gone out with a guy. well long stry short he didnt go to school the next day instead he came the 19 two days later and that day we had TAKS testing.Our homeroom teacher passed out little kisses, so me being corny and all told him heres my kiss!! he smilde and said "i like your shoes" great..from that moment on i looked at my polka dot vans all the time.he acted weird until about lunch when he asked me if i had gotten a message from him on myspace.I was like no...and thats because i didnt get on the day before... that day was the slowest day of my life. I swear when i got home i ran so fast to the computer i should've been in!! well i saw 1 message>>from him saying " britt why dont you just be my girlfriend?" im not kidding when i say my mouth dropped!! I thought this moment would never happen I called him and he answered the phone i was like blank and he asked me again over the phone i said YES!!! but thats not even the end of it he asked me out again in person on the 21 because he stayed home on the 20 so we made our official date april 21 2006. We have been together ever since, it's our senior year now and its scary. we have been through a lot but we still have so much more to go through.i know we can make it I love him and he loves me.Sometimes Life is difficult but it only makes you stronger in the end.We do plan to marry but all these comments put getting married at 18 down i just wish somewhere people would believe that true love can be found anywhere at anytime your soul just has to be ready.


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