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Please take me back

Is's been almost one month now...since our so called "breakup." I miss you everyday. But you obviously weren't the one for me. I just need to convince myself that...

Well, reader, I will start from the beginning. Have you ever developed a crush and you don't even know why? That was the way it was with my crush. One minute I didn't like him and the next my stomach was doing summersaults for him. In my excitment I texted my friend telling her about my new crush. She seemed excited. Little did I know what she was going to do the next day...

So, the next day at lunch, I sat on the stairs with my friend and soon my crush came up and sat down with us. He really is an amazing boy...dark black hair, ocean blue eyes, and dresses in all black with stylish boy clothes. No one would understand how amazing of a person he really is. Then, all of a sudden, my friend told him she knew a girl who thought he was cute. I was so scared...she was going to tell my crush I liked him! After a series of guess and complex explaining, my crush found out I liked him. Talk about awkward. Nothing happened for the rest of the day at school. And I went home thinking that my crush would never talk to me again...

It turned out I was wrong. My friend texted my saying my crush wanted my cell number and that she gave it to him. We spent the whole weekend texting each other. I even found out that we had the same interest in soccer. I was thrilled! My crush asked what I thought of him and I said I thought he was really cute. And then he said he thought I was cute too! I was the happiest girl in the world.

Things only got better. He would sneak up behind me at school and wrap his arms around me and we were always hugging each other and wrapping our arms around each other. We sat entangled in each other at lunch and everyone knew we were "together" even though he never aske me out. This continued for almost a week. I finally gathered the courage to ask him to Tolo and he accepted! I was yet again the happiest person in the world.

So now your thinking what in the world could ever go wrong? One day, my crush didn't sit by me at lunch. In fact, I didn't see him the entire day. I texted him after school asking him what was wrong. He wouldn't say anthing...only that he was going through a tough time. You would think that maybe a tough time would be a death in the family or something severe right? Well, his idea of a tough time is deciding whether he should have sex with another girl!!!! I was so sad. My crush was the player that everyone said he was and I had been used and neglected.

You are probably thinking that I am over-reacting and that my situation could be a lot worse. But every "breakup" is different and no one would understand except the person going though it.

The next day at school, we didn't talk to each other or make eye contact. I tried texting my crush to make things better between us but nothing would get him to stop ignoring me. And it seemed like he was trying to taunt me because to this day he flirts with other girls right in front of my face. I go home and cry almost everyday and I think why you had to hurt me and why you would do such a thing to a girl like me...

But even though you hurt me so, I will still wait for you. You were the only person who accepted me for who I was. I will never give up no matter what. What you did hurt me so but I want you to be the one. And I think you still like me...but don't want the world to know.

I have been so sad that I began to worry and took a depression test and came out depressed. I tried to get ahold of myself but I still have relapses.

Love is one of those things that no matter how bad someone hurts you, you can't make youself forget about them. My love applies to this situation. I can't make myself to move on and I refuse to forget about all the good times we had together.

"You're the one who broke my heart, you're the reason my world fell apart, you're the one who made me cry, yet I'm still in love with you and I don't know why." Author Unkown.

I will always wait for you my love. No matter what you do to me I will never give up. Please take me back...


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