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What matters is that you got there

he was just some kid i had almost every class with. not a big deal maybe he said hi one a week but thats it. we started realizibg we spent most of our day with each other because of our classes. we started to wave at each other and say bye at the end of the day. our teachers sat us next to each other in almost all our classes. and one day he got my number from a friend and prank texted me. then he addmited who he was. he called and we talked for a couple hours. and same the next and the next. within 3 days we were closer then 2 ppl that have known each other for almost there whole life. we even have a no secret rule. he loves me alot he tells me every day this is moving so fast i just cant believe it weve been cloe for about 3 weeks. and were getting ready to become a couple that love each other very much. weve been on a few dates and they all went better then expected . today im his babe and hes my luv. im so happy sometimes ppl say moving fast is a bad thing but when it comes to the one you love the speed doesnt matter what matters is that you got there.


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