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Prom of love

i was new to public school.i had been in private school my whole life till high school. i met him during sixth period science class. i took one look at him and knew he was going to change my life. as i got to know him better through the year, something sparked. i felt the connection way before but it was heightened now. we talked and held hands and almost went out but..since i was super shy and nervous and didn't know what to say, we just drifted. but we always acknowledged eachother when we'd pass by, either we'd say hello or brush our hands was so sweet.from then on until my junior year, these events took place whenever we'd meet. my heart would leap every time, no joke.last night was our junior prom and something amazing happened. before i arrived at prom i prayed that i would have a great time, if not with anyone special, just the friends i came with. i just wanted to enjoy myself unlike other dances before. so the evening went on and after dinner people went to the floor and started dancing. as i approached the floor with my friends, we caught eachothers gaze. i motioned to him "you wanna dance?" and he agreed. and to my utter suprise we danced almost the whole night, slow and fast.i was in pure awe and shock that this was happening to me.finally! we got tired eventually, so we went outside to cool off. the landscape was beautiful with fountains, outdoor lights and lush trees.we stood under one of these streetlights and talked a bit, and then we both just kissed eachother. he held me so close and tight.the kisses were pure magic and the whole time, he was very respectful to me.he didn't try anything forcefully or anything. it was a good 15 minutes and then we walked back in. he went back to his friends and me to mine. as we aprted he gave me a kiss on the cheek and a huge bear hug. i was all smiles and butterflies...i was in love.majorly.with him everything was natural, for both of us.we fell right into was perfect.absolutely i'm wondering if there are real feelings behind everything, if we're meant to be or if we just shared a long awaited moment.if we aren't meant to be, i will always cherish what we shared that night.and if we are, my life will be happy and complete till the day i die.this guy is definitly one of the loves of my life, if not the only one.


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