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Worst day of my life


It's been almost two months since the worst day of my life, the day you walked away. We argued so much after the break up, remember? We both said some nasty things, but neither of us meant them. We're friends now though and I'm so glad.

But baby, the fact is, I'm still in love with you. I'm falling deeper with every day that passes and there's nothing I can do to fight it. You and I were perfect together. Sure we argued, but we came through everything life threw at us, we stayed together even when everyone else said we wouldn't. Remember what we always said? It's you and me against the world. It still can be if you'd give us another chance.

I don't know how you feel my love, but this feels so wrong to me. Being away from you is like being split in two. There's a huge void in my heart where you should be and nothing and no one else can fill it. I'll do my best for your sake because if you love something you should set it free. But letting you go is like asking me to sign my own death certificate. It can't be done. So I'll wait for you sweetheart, because you're worth it and in my eyes you'll always be my perfect man.

Love you baby, always and forever. AB x


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