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Crazy freaky girl

Ok here is the thing there is this boy I know cuz he goes to my school and these are his enicials (D.Y) he is in my school, in my class to me and a few other girls think he is soooo cute we are like so upsessed with him. We are so upsessed with him we torcher him badly we joke around somtimes we throw rice grains at him at lunch , play fight him but we only do this some of us want him 2 be just oh so more than a friend some of us want him 2 be their boyfriend some of them dream about him 2 isn't that so crazy u have to be in our school to see all the drama and in school we don't even have drama class I wish somtime he can be all oh so all mines like all th e time but some of those crazy freaky girl can go way over bored "just go away u crazy girl" and go home and eat some chocolete man"!!! And if you read this "(D.Y)" u are so hot man oh and u 2 "(D.T)" thank u and good bye!!!!! (Tip): "if you like some one if your not afriad like me tell the person how u feel unless they do it first"!!! Bye!!!!


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