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Blond and tan

It was september nd i went to a new school and i coulnt possibly break up with my boyfriend from my other school just because i think hes gonna cheat on me. so the next day of school this really cute boy (my dream guy) blond hair blue eyes tan and wearing hollister shirt!!! he asked me whats my name nd i told him he told me it is a pretty name nd i said thanks nd then he asked who will i sit with in lunch nd i said that i dont know yet!!! sooo he asked me to sit at his table. i said ok! we had lunch together he sat next to me. the next couple weeks of school i started to LOVE him nd then he asked me out. it was the happiest day of my life!! we went out to alot of dinners he gave me a nekalace for my bday. then one day i txtd him nd he ussually txts me back quickly but this time didn answer my calls or txt me back... sooo then he calls me nd told me that he was at the doctors nd they checked him and they found this blood knot in his heart they will have to do surgery on his heart i didn agree bacause i knew that they will mess up and somethings gonna go wronf nd he might even die!!! sooo then i said he can i prayed the whole time at home then i get this call from the doctors... the told me that my boyfriend had passed away even before they even started i couldnt sleep that whole night i was cryin so HARD!!!:( THE NEXT DAY i had to ga to school everyone was sooo sorry for me!!! then i started dating only blond nd tan people ONLY... THAT THE ENDD!!!


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