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I will always love you

around da age of thirteen i met this boi threw mai friend. At first we talked online, then text messaged eachother, then we started talking on the phone. i wasnt much of a beach girl back then, but for him i was willing to be. i would do anything in my will for me to become an awsome body boarder just so i can impress him. Thew out all this, we became the closes friends. Every night we would call eachother n talk for later hours. If we werent talking then we where texting, and if we werent texting then we where probably with eachother. After the summer was over we stopped communicating. Even though we had no communication he was the only thing i can think about. About two years after we finallly started talking again, and i finally built up the courage to tell him how i felt. Fortunatley for me he loved me to. Things where going well between us, and i was happy that we where finally together. Later in our realtionship we both started to get busy, and seeing eachother became a problem, so we decided to split up. A little after we where both seeing new people, but as for me even though i was with someone else he was still on my mind. From the day we found out that we where seeing other people we stopped talking. Till this day i never spoke a word to him yet. Not only did i loose my best friend, but also the love of my life. D* K* i will always love you, from now till forever, please dont ever forget that.


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